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‘Road To Nowhere’ is a lighthearted book about my life in music. There were so many ridiculous stories attached to having spent over twenty years in and around the record business that I thought it would make an interesting read for the innocent bystander.
I included lists of long-lost indie classics (Pale Fountains, Stump, Big Dipper and The Chesterfields to name but a very few) and even thought to offer up a list of ‘Top Tips’ for those thinking of pursuing their own careers in music. But my main reason for writing this book was as a tribute to all those other unknown bands hopelessly dashed upon the ragged coastline of the music industry. Somebody needed to detail just how heartbreaking it can be to see your hopes and dreams destroyed by the vagaries of the music biz and those questionable characters who got to play God when A&R departments still stalked the planet.
The first print of the book sold out not long after its release in 2014, but I am hoping there will be a second and a digital version available in the near future.

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    1. Road To Nowhere is currently undergoing an overhaul and will hopefully be back in print later in 2017! I’ll keep you posted on this! Cheers for all the comments-sorry it takes so long to reply. I dont do a lot of blogging but hope to do more-cheers!

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