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Since I was about ten years old I have been buying records. I started with 7″ singles as they looked so cool. And their B-sides weren’t usually included on the albums. I had a clear out a while back (sometimes this has to be done!) but I still have in the region of about 3500. And I love each and every one of them! When I DJ I still prefer to use vinyl and the 7″ is by far the best way to do this. Who wants to watch someone operate cd’s and laptops? Not me.

Amongst my most cherished records are a Big Star white label of ‘Sister/Lovers’ and a gorgeous picture disc of The Cure’s ‘Just Like Heaven’. We all rush out to buy the latest releases from our favourite bands which help to pinpoint a specific time and place in our lives. Before too long these become a reminder of your past, a postcard from years gone by. Make no mistake, there’s magic afoot every time you take vinyl out of its sleeve. It’s just not the same with a CD. And don’t even get me started on downloads and MP3’s…

So it’s a HUGE moment in my life to be able to open my very own record store. Via a brand new website and carefully chosen ‘pop up’ shops it is now time to unveil VINYL REVOLUTION!!! God, even saying the name fills me with butterflies! VR will be a shop with a difference. Not only will we stock the best new and vintage vinyl, there will also be great looking eco-friendly t-shirts, sitting alongside iconic posters, prints, funky household items and even some recycled vinyl art. See, even a scratched record has a purpose in life.

This is not a solitary trip-I’d love you to join me on this journey-it would be great to hear from people. Here’s the links to click on and say ‘hi’:





Bring on the future!

2 thoughts on “Vinyl & Special Projects

  1. Me again. Your shop looks fab. Gonna get me one of those tshirts. Your pop up in Tunbridge Wells reminds me of a trip I took to TOnbridge back in 1991 or thereabouts just after i’d passed my driving test. There was a charity shop or an Our Price (who knows) opposite where I parked the car, and they had a load of cassettes on sale for 99p and as my car had a cassette player i was happy. I bought Eno’s Desert Island Selection, Here Come The Warm Jets and Another Green World. Life changers. In suburbia.

    1. Thanks Nick! We are now about to move it to Brighton, where i lived for over 20 years whilst in bands. I left to help Truck records set up a large vinyl shop near Oxford and now back (near Redhill) planning our next move. Come visit the shop in the summer! I loved findings stuff in charity shops-still do but its rare as so many E-Bayers pick the bones clean!

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